13 PhD Fellowships: Integrative Molecular and Cellular Biology

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Registration is open until Feb. 19, 2021, noon (Paris time).

The Integrative Molecular and Cellular Biology (IMCBio) graduate school wishes to attract talented PhD students to the University of Strasbourg to start innovative research projects in 2021. The IMCBio graduate school builds on the strong research developed in five research institutes: IGBMCIBMCIBMPGMGM and the Institute for Viral and Liver Disease, which covers all areas of molecular and cellular biology at the levels of molecular factors, genes, cells and organisms from model systems to diseases.

Networking teams of these five Institutes, four Laboratories of Excellence (LabEx), INRT (Integrative biology: Nuclear dynamics, Regenerative and Translational medicine), MitoCross (Mitochondria-nucleus Cross-talk), NetRNA (Networks of regulatory RNAs) and HepSYS (Functional genomics of viral hepatitis and liver disease) provide a unique opportunity to get a broad overview of every aspects of gene regulation covering nuclear organization, epigenetics, transcriptional, translational, post-transcriptional and post-translational events as well as crosstalks between the nucleus, cytoplasm and organelles in eukaryotes and cell-to-cell communication..

The training community of IMCBio PhD students builds on the expertise of LabEx researchers working in synergy. Trainees also benefit from outstanding technology infrastructure and platforms to develop high-level research projects in a stimulating and interdisciplinary environment. The IMCBio graduate school offers this year up to 13 PhD fellowships for highly motivated applicants of academic excellence. So if you want to start an innovative research project in 2021, then register down below to candidate and join the IMCBio graduate school!

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