6 PhD Candidates Needed: Business Administration, Economics, and Statistics

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The School of Business and Economics is engaged in research, education at the basic and advanced levels, and education at the doctoral level, on business administration, economics, and statistics. Please find further information about the doctoral education here:

Subjects for the positions: business administration, economics, or statistics.
Location: Kalmar or Växjö.
Number of positions: 6 positions as Ph.D. candidate in total.
Start of the positions: September 1, 2021.

Ph.D. candidates in business administration
At the School of Business and Economics research is conducted in these major areas: accounting, corporate governance, entrepreneurship, financial management, international business, leadership, logistics, marketing, organization, and strategy. The research is organized into knowledge platforms that will host the Ph.D. candidates: 

  • Control of and in organizations
  • Entrepreneurship and social change
  • eXperience
  • Global Mind – Business competitiveness in changing landscapes
  • Leadership and organizational renewal
  • Sustainable co-creation through interdisciplinary solutions

This website provides further information: https://lnu.se/en/medarbetare/organisation/school-of-business-and-economics2/Organisation/knowledge-plattform/

Doctoral studies in business administration encompass four years of full time studies, and 240 credits in total of which 90 credits concern courses and the dissertation corresponds to 150 credits. Compulsory courses include scientific theory, scientific methods, and participation at higher seminars in business administration. Additional optional courses are available. The education prepares for a further academic career, or qualified investigative and management assignments in any sector.

The general study plan comprises further information: https://lnu.se/contentassets/9fc2846209e445899805b7428ddb1bc5/asp_rev_foretagsekonomi_juni2017.pdf

Ph.D. candidates in economics
The doctoral education in economics is closely connected to the knowledge platform ”Demographic change and the public sector”. The platform engages in research at both the national and the international levels regarding integration and discrimination. Research projects often relate to labor markets, migration, and public economics. Furthermore, the platform hosts a cross-disciplinary research environment finance by the Swedish Research Council (www.lnu.se/diversity). Here, studies concern diversity and discrimination on the labour market in cooperation with companies and organizations.

The doctoral courses are organized in collaboration with other universities that together form a network. Courses address mathematics, micro-economics, macro- economics, and econometrics. In essence, the research environment is stimulating and offers qualified tutoring. The education prepares for a further academic career, or qualified investigative and management assignments in, for example, authorities, international organizations, and companies. The general study plan contains further information: https://lnu.se/globalassets/feh/asp-nationalekonomi-rev-181212.pdf

Ph.D. candidates in statistics
The research education in statistics offers great possibilities as regards choice of study topics for a dissertation. The education is organized in collaboration with various knowledge platforms, including ”Sustainable co-creation through interdisciplinary solutions”. This platform links statistics to, for example, logistics and finance. There is also a collaboration with the research center ”Data Intensive Sciences” (DISA) that focuses on high-dimensional data. The national network named “Graduate education in Statistics” (GRADSTAT) offers the core courses in the statistics education. The general study plan contains further information: https://lnu.se/globalassets/dokument—gemensamma/ekonomihogskolan/asp-statistik-rev.-2020-eng.pdf

Eligibility requirements for all subjects

Basic eligibility:

  • A degree on the advanced level regarding one of the three subjects.
  • At least 240 university course credits, of which at least 60 should be on the advanced level, or comparable knowledge acquired from elsewhere.

Specific eligibility

  • At least 90 university course credits regarding one of the three subjects, or comparable knowledge acquired from elsewhere.
  • Demonstrated extensive English knowledge.

Assessment criteria for all subjects
The choice of candidates relies on the applicants’ possibilities to carry out the studies successfully. The assessments pay attention to demonstrated scientific skills, grades from courses, capabilities of cooperating with others, and oral and written capabilities in English.

Terms of employment for all subjects
A position as a Ph.D. candidate has a time limit (HF chapter 5§7). The total time cannot be more than four years of full studies.

The Higher Education Law stipulates that the candidate has to focus on carrying out the education. However, the candidate may be involved in additional work at the institution as long as it not covers more than 20% of full time.

Contact persons
Professor Daniel Ericsson (business administration) (daniel.ericsson@lnu.se),
Associate Professor Magnus Carlsson (economics) (magnus.carlsson@lnu.se),
Professor Thomas Holgersson (statistics) (thomas.holgersson@lnu.se),
HR-partner Jesper Pettersson (jesper.pettersson@lnu.se),
Research secretary Malin Madestam (malin.madestam@lnu.se)

Representatives of trade unions and the student union can be reached through the university’s telephone exchange: 0772-28 80 00.

The application
The application has to contain: (i) a short description of yourself and your interests, a motivation why you are applying, and relevant achievements and experiences; (ii) CV including telephone and e-mail address; (iii) certified copies of grades including gymnasium grades or similar; (iv) names and contact information to two academic reference persons; (v) a copy of examination works on the advanced level or similar, and eventuel publications. 

If you apply for a position in business administration, you also need to deliver a research plan covering 3-5 pages. It needs to address your project idea and should be linked to the research in business administration at the School of Business and Economics.

For applicants from countries outside Sweden we recommend the GRE- and TOEFL/IELTS-tests. The results of the tests need to be attached to the application. 

You are most welcome to apply before February 26th, 2021.

Linnaeus University has the ambition to utilize the qualities that an even gender distribution and diversity brings to the organization.

Please apply by clicking on the “Apply” button at the bottom of the ad. All documents must be attached to digital in the application. The application and other documents shall be marked with the reference number. All documents cited must be received by the University no later than 24.00 (Local time in Sweden) on the closing day.



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