Fully funded MS/PhD in Plant Science, Canada

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The Department of Plant Sciences presents a truly unique experience to students by offering research-based MSc and PhD programs in agronomy, crop science, horticultural science, plant ecology or rangeland studies in one department.


The Department of Plant Sciences administers a number of scholarships. These are offered annually on the basis of a competition open to students registered in a M.Sc. or PhD program in the Department who have obtained an average of at least 80% and successfully completed a minimum of one year in program.

The majority of incoming students will be offered funding through a research stipend from their supervisor’s research funds. This stipend is intended to allow the student to pursue full-time graduate studies. However, this stipend does not constitute a tuition waiver. Funding is provided for a period of two years for an M.Sc. program, and three years for a PhD program.

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